LiveTradingFloor™provides the opportunity to watch professional traders like Greg Secker at work on our online stock trading floor. Aside from the educational benefit - the ability to see the precise entry and exit criteria and the setups and strategies used by the experts - it allows the subscriber to identify potential trading opportunities in real-time. Giving you an insight into our exemplary trader training.

LiveTradingFloor™ is an additional service to the Trader's University programme, rather than an alternative - it is advised that all users of any trade suggestion systems invest in appropriate trader training and take a low-risk approach. The Traders University programme is ideally suited for this situation.

Knowledge to Action is the only trading education provider in the UK whose traders trade live on-line and publish their results on-line from our brokers: Guaranteed complete transparency and assurance of our trading success.

When used together, Knowledge to Actions training and LiveTradingFloor™ are powerful tools for sustainable wealth creation, designed by industry expert Greg Secker. If you're serious about trading, a LiveTradingFloor™ subscription is a fantastic accompaniment to our stock market trading seminars.

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