Traders University

  • Profile shot of Rajesh Unadkat

    Rajesh Unadkat

    Graduate, Traders University

    “I took the Trader's University course in April. I have been trading for 4 out of those 5 months since then and I've actually doubled my account.”
  • Profile shot of Robert Clarke

    Robert Clarke

    Graduate, Traders University

    “I did the Traders University course in December last year. My best result the following month was paying off the cost of the course in one day. I set myself the objective for £1000 for the month and exceeded itself”
  • Profile shot of Mike Patton

    Mike Patton

    Graduate, Traders University

    “I managed an increase of 69.4% in 3 months! Money well spent.”
  • Profile shot of Richard Biddle

    Richard Biddle

    Graduate, Traders University

    “The first month my account was 5% down. However, at the end of three months my fund was 45% up. During that time the FTSE 350 was up 18% but I was up 45%.”

Stock Market Training with Traders University® - first you will need to attend our Free Stock Market Seminar to learn the essentials of trading.

Free Stock Market Seminar

About Traders University

1. Introduction

Stock Market Training with Traders University®

When you attend Traders University®, you are joining thousands of intelligent self-directed traders who have discovered Greg Secker's reliable way to create unlimited income, using powerful, yet simple trading strategies.

Our stock market course is hosted at the state-of-the-art Traders Centre of ExcellenceTM, in Chelsea's Imperial Wharf, London - you will be warmly welcomed by our dedicated team of traders, trader coaches and support team.

The purpose of the Traders University® programme is to equip individuals proven strategies and tactics created by industry expert Greg Secker to identify highly profitable trading opportunities and take advantage of these opportunities in a low-risk, precision driven method.

2. Highlights

  1. How to achieve your financial independence goals.

    Equipping you with simple trader strategies.

  2. Two day immersion course.

    Join us in our dedicated state of the art Traders Centre of Excellence in Chelsea's Imperial Wharf, London.

  3. 1-on-1 coaching.

    The only trader education course giving you the opportunity to sit on a live trading floor with a professional trader immediately following the course. We want you to feel confident putting into practice the skills you have learned.

3. What to expect

  • Support even before you attend the two day immersion course.
  • Jumping into the trading psyche with our intelligent self directed traders.
  • Taking the right steps towards trading success.

What's included in the Traders University Programme

  1. Day 1 - Core Skills and Strategy

    • The Trading Success Cycle
    • Technical Analysis and Trends
    • Income Trading Methodology
    • Understanding Markets and Direction
    • Importance of Price Action
    • How to trade Volume
    • Chart Patterns (Important Continuations and Reversals)
    • The Core BreakoutTM Trading Strategy
  2. Day 2 - Strategies, Integration, Risk and Psychology

    • The 3 Day PowerPlayTM Trading Strategy
    • Automating the Trading Strategies
    • Precision Indicators for confident trade confirmation
    • Trading Risk Management
    • Stop loss placement and trade management
    • Placing Trades, From Start to Finish
    • SuperInvestorTM Account - Investing your Profits
    • Trading Psychology - Trader Mindset